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Super Low Fees

Super is savings for your future. Our low fees means more stays in your super and less is wasted on fees.


Super Simple

Super doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve made things simple, so you can keep track of your money.


Super Reliable

We’ve partnered with Mercer, one of Australia’s largest superannuation administrators, to ensure your money’s in safe hands.

Australia's new Low-Fee Superannuation Fund

Invest in your future with Kogan Super, one of Australia’s top, low-fee super funds*. Our super simple application process helps you find and consolidate all your super into a single account. Kogan Super makes combining super easy. This means you can stop paying fees for multiple super accounts which can eat into your retirement savings.

With Kogan Super you can:

Get the best for your retirement with Kogan Super’s low-fee superannuation.

*When compared to public offer funds on SuperRatings Top 10 Fees report (30/06/19) for lowest average fees payable on a $50,000 account balance.