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What’s lost super? How do I find it?

What’s lost super? How do I find it?

Super is ‘lost’ when your fund can no longer contact you, and your super is placed in the ATO’s “Lost Member’s Register”.

This can happen when:

  • Your account has been inactive for the last 12 months (inactive means no contributions have been made)
  • Your fund doesn’t have your email address or the mail they sent you has been returned at least twice.

To find lost super, you can:

  • Log into your online account and click on the Find Your Super Now section. It only takes a minute and you just need to have provided us with your Tax File Number.
  • Set up a myGov Account, and link your account to the ATO. If you find any lost super, you can consolidate these accounts into Kogan Super.

You can also search for your other super accounts and consolidate them with us when you Join Kogan Super.

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