When can I access my super?

When can I access my super?

As super is meant for retirement, there are age limits on when you can access super. This based on your preservation age, which depends on your year of birth. See the table below.

Year of birthPreservation age
Before 1 July 196055
1 July 1960 to 30 June 196156
1 July 1961 to 30 June 196257
1 July 1962 to 30 June 1963       58
1 July 1963 to 30 June 196459
After 1 July 196460

Apart from retirement, you can access your retirement savings if:

Apart from retirement, you can access your super if you:

  • leave gainful employment after age 60
  • become totally and permanently disabled
  • are terminally ill
  • experience severe financial hardship and meet certain requirements
  • have compassionate grounds for needing the money, as approved by the ATO
  • are a temporary resident on a specified class of visa and you permanently depart Australia.

For more information, read theĀ Accessing your super factsheet or visit the ATO website.

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